Afield Hardware & Machinery Sdn Bhd is specializing in all kind of eligible and affordable automotives equipment tools for all garages. We are proud of our repute as a top-value automotive equipment provider.

Our products include tire charge, post lift equipment, wheel balances machine, scissors Jerk, , nitrogen inflator machine, wheel alignment equipment, and  other garage using equipment and machine. We divided our products into special package to suit different auto shop needs. We provide the most excellence products with an affordable and reasonable price for every product and package. You are able to modify the equipment that you need too!

To drive our service to the peak, we offer after sales services and installment for your order. We assure to provide you the finest solution for your auto shop equipment. We are always ready to serve you to the best. For any business inquiries or further details, please kindly to contact us. 

isaki-Spray booth1

Motorcycle Lift 1

ita_Tool list1



isaki-Spray booth2

Motorcycle Lift 2

ita_Tool list2



spray booth isaki ah cai

Motorcycle Lift 3

ita_7-drawer roller cabinet1


isaki-post lift

ita_7-drawer roller cabinet2


ita_7-drawer roller cabinet3



isaki SD-LC368

RB 1

Ita R600 3D Aligner With Remote

Ita R500 3D Aligner

Ita 12 & 16t 4post

Dancing Stage

Dancing Stage

Polyteknik Special Equipment

Polyteknik Guiding Equipment

Polyteknik Teaching Equipment

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